For two years, it has been our great fortune to have Dr. Heidi Hemmett as the veterinarian for our two 16-year-old cats, Stripey and Bailey. We would recommend her without reservation. Our experience with Dr. Hemmett had mostly involved the annual check-ups at Woburn Animal Hospital (MA) until the fall of 2015 when a blood test revealed that Stripey’s liver values were high. Subsequent diagnosis of small cell lymphoma of the liver has given us a whole new perspective on the value of excellent veterinary care. 

Dr. Hemmett has been wonderful in caring for both Stripey and us during this time. Her calm and friendly manner as well as great attention to detail have always been appreciated, but became enormously important as we have been seeking the best treatment. Her expertise and research into an effective dosage routine, alternative medications, nutritional options, plus outside consultations have been extremely thorough and, at this point, successful. 

In addition to the traditional options, Dr. Hemmett has given Stripey a big boost by introducing acupuncture to his treatment routine. We had been unaware that acupuncture is appropriate and effective not only for humans, but for animals as well. Beginning in January 2016, we saw a dramatic improvement in Stripey’s appetite which had become greatly lessened by his condition and the medications. With treatments over the past several months, Stripey has become more comfortable with the needles and has returned to eating canned cat food which he had abruptly turned down in the fall. He has regained much of his lost weight and, in general, seems much more his “old self”. While not completely normal, Stripey’s liver values have also continued to go down. 

We are delighted with the improvement in Stripey’s health, and we are deeply grateful to Dr. Hemmett for all of her creative ideas in treatment options and for introducing Stripey to acupuncture. 

Carol and George Epple 

Bedford, MA 

28. June 2016



I have a 14 year old black lab who I consider part of my family. Dr. Heidi Hemmett has helped his arthritis with acupuncture. Dr. Hemmett is a true professional and within moments of meeting, you can see the passion she has for helping animals. She has treated my dog like its her own. I trust Dr. Hemmett completely and know it is her goal to help every animal under her care live a healthy, happy, and pain-free life.


In December of 2015, I adopted a 12 week old kitten from a local rescue group, who told me that the kitten had a clean bill of health. I named her Malana, meaning "calming" in Hawaiian. Within a few short days, I had noticed that she was not eating well, and that she was extremely lethargic. She continued downhill and had ulcers in her mouth, couldn't walk well, and had severe bloody diarrhea. After contacting the rescue group, I had learned the truth that she was actually much younger, approximately 7 weeks, was very sick as a newborn and had been weened from her mother at approximately 3 weeks old. After numerous trips to my Vet in the first 2 weeks, spending over $2,000 in testing for various causes, I was told she was "failure to thrive/fading kitty syndrome" and it was best to euthanize her as to not prolong her suffering. I was devastated. A friend mentioned to me that our friend Dr. Hemmett was a Veterinarian herbalist and acupuncturist. I wasn't familiar with it, but I wanted to give this kitten a chance. I drove to her office, and when she weighed in at 1.25lbs, my heart sank. But when Dr. Hemmett entered the exam room, my weak kitten went charging over to her roaring with energy. Dr. Hemmett recognized the fire in Malana that I was seeing and immediately began treatment with acupuncture, and herbs. I had started with syringe feeding, and Malana couldn't get enough. She loved the herb and preferred her food with the herb in it. She quickly perked up, and within a few days was having normal bowel movements, and energy. It was an incredible transformation and within a week, was gaining weight. Malana went from an extremely malnourished kitten, ready to be euthanized, to a kitten who can't be held back. Just when she started gaining weight, she contracted ringworm! Once again Dr. Hemmett came to the rescue with another herb to assist her in fighting the fungus. She lost the fur on her paw, tail, ears, and right side of her face. After treating Malana with the herbs and other remedies, she bounced back again and is doing great. Malana is now 6 months old, over 8lbs, and all her fur has grown back! I can't thank Dr. Hemmett enough for saving Malana. Very often we are afraid to step outside of traditional medicine, as it is often all we know. But Malana is living proof, that the herbs and acupuncture work, and successfully saved her life.


I had considered Acupuncture for a while regarding my aging Border Collie's hips, but I hadn't made a decision yet. Then, my dog got Cancer. And that was it for me to move forward with the decision for Acupuncture. Dr. Hemmett said that even though it could improve her hips, it would also help boost her immune system Dr. Hemmett was so supportive and informative with the benefits I was giving my dog by treating her with Acupuncture. Dr. Hemmett was kind and sweet with my dog while administering the treatment. She was the same with me, too! I truly believe that with the Acupuncture treatments, moving to a truly Balanced diet with home made meals, and a positive attitude, my dog sailed through her Radiation treatments and Chemotherapy treatments. Her hips will have a longer time to improve, but I have noted a pep in her step in her walking up stairs and playing fetch! I will miss Dr. Hemmett as she has moved out of state for us. But feel her skills should definitely be utilized in her new home state. 


I can't recommend Dr. Hemmett highly enough.   She is totally competent, caring, gentle, and dedicated to her work.    In fact, she's passionate about it.   She did some acupuncture sessions on my sick cat Rosy and gave her an extended good quality of life.   She took a picture of Rosy for the record.   When Rosy died, Dr. Hemmett presented me with a beautiful blown up, framed picture of my beloved Rosy.    I can't thank her enough for her thoughtfulness and compassion.   
 With all my cats, Dr. Hemmett has treated them with expertise and tenderness, and she has always been so generous with her time.
 I am extremely sorry that she's leaving the Boston area.   We are losing one of the best veterinarians we've ever had.   
 Judith Ross